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      Why Smart Homes May Be Getting a Lot Smarter in 2022

      "Smart" devices can often seem more frustrating than revolutionary, but a new technology could soon change that.

      The Best Smart Humidifiers For Your Home

      This winter, swap your old humidifier with one of these high-tech smart humidifiers at every price point and preference.

      22 Simple Heating and Air Conditioning Fixes

      Even a beginner can solve common furnace and air conditioning problems — and save money!

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      Track Lighting Buyer’s Guide

      If you think track lighting is an ugly strip of spotlights attached to the ceiling, think again! Here's what you...

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      10 Bedroom Lighting Ideas

      Bedroom lighting is often overlooked. These lighting ideas provide the visibility you need from dawn to dusk.

      3 Simple Ways to Automate Your Christmas Lights

      Get more control over your Christmas lights using one of these three convenient methods.

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      How to Use a Light Tester to Fix Christmas Lights

      A simple tester helps you fix holiday light strings fast.

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      Do You Need a Cabin Furnace?

      Wondering if you should invest in a furnace for your getaway cabin or vacation home? Here are some key considerations...

      9 Best Water Heaters of 2022

      From dishes to laundry to showers, so many household tasks depend on a water heater. We selected nine reliable options...

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      8 Best Garage Heaters

      Whether you use your garage for storage, vehicle parking or a DIY workshop, the right garage heater can make all...

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      Highest-Rated Furnace Brands for 2021

      Shopping for a furnace? Let us help you narrow the field with an overview of the best furnace brands for...

      3 Reasons For The Global Computer Chip Shortage

      The current computer chip shortage is complicating manufacturing at a global level. Here's how we got here.

      What to Know About Recessed Lighting

      Recessed lighting, or canned lights, add a clean, minimalistic look to any room. It can be used to illuminate whole...

      Is Getting a Garage Heater Worth It?

      Garage heaters can turn your garage into a functional, usable space even in the dead of winter. But is the...

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      How To Choose the Best Bathroom Light Fixtures

      New bathroom light fixtures can radically change the look of a bathroom, from sparse and utilitarian to warm and luxurious.

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      How Are Grow Lights Different From Regular Light Bulbs?

      You don't need a green thumb to keep the thyme and aloe alive all winter. What you need is a...

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      How To Use Grow Lights To Grow Healthy Plants Indoors

      From choosing the right bulb to knowing how long to leave it on, here's how to keep you houseplants happy...

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      What Is a Smart Meter and How Does It Work?

      Wondering why your local utility company installed smart meters? We'll look at what a smart meter is, and what it...

      3 Best Heat Lamps for Your Bathroom

      Nobody likes a chilly shower. Here's how heat lamps can keep your bathroom warm and toasty no matter what time...

      Are Electric Heated Blankets Safe?

      Electric blankets have a reputation for being unsafe. But is it earned?

      5 Best Smart Christmas Trees for 2021

      This holiday season, bring home a smart Christmas tree. It'll make decorating your home easier than waiting for Santa Claus.

      How to Put Lights On a Christmas Tree

      Believe it or not, there's a right way and a wrong way to string Christmas lights.

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      Bathroom Chandeliers: What To Know Before You Buy

      These trendy light fixtures don’t work in every bathroom. But when they’re right, they’re really right.

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      The Best Furnace Filters To Buy

      Safeguard your family's health and protect your furnace by choosing the right furnace filter. You'll breathe easier, and so will...

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      Everything You Need to Know About Amazon’s Smart Soap Dispenser

      Bring the new Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser home for an efficient, contactless and connected way to wash those hands.

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      How to Winterize a Sprinkler System

      Sprinkler systems need to have all the water blown out of them before the winter freeze. If you have an...

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      8 Best Bathroom Vanity Lights To Liven Your Space

      Choosing bathroom vanity lighting requires balancing dimensions, design and desired task lighting. Here are a few of our top picks.

      How to Install a Pendant Light

      A simple project that will add another layer of light to your room.

      Firewood Measurements: What Do They Mean?

      Do you need a full cord or just a half-pallet this winter? Understanding what firewood measurements mean will help you...

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      7 Eye-Popping Nanoleaf Design Ideas

      Get inspired by these Nanoleaf design ideas to bathe your home with a new kind of smart light.