Keep your home sparkling clean inside and out with these projects and tips for a faster and better job.

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    15 Things You Shouldn’t Be Cleaning with Paper Towels

    Most things can be cleaned with a reusable sponge or cloth. Save paper and clean a lot more efficiently with these expert tips.

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    5 Simple Ways for Getting Rid of Cat Smell

    Cat smells stinking up your home? Here are five DIY ways to get rid of the stink for good.

    Can You Use Dishwasher Tablets to Clean the Shower?

    Your dishwasher tablets are tough on soap scum, too.

    10 Ways to Prep Your House for a Holiday Party

    Halloween is on its way, and before you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will follow. More than likely, you'll be...

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    How To Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

    Are you ready to host overnight guests?

    8 Best Air Fresheners for Your Kitchen

    Need to get some unwanted smells out of your kitchen? These eight odor-eliminating products should be a big help.

    How to Wash an Electric Blanket

    Before you snuggle up with your electric blanket this winter, make sure it's clean. Here's how to do it.

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    9 Things You Can Do With Bar Keepers Friend

    Learn how to use Bar Keepers Friend in ways you'd never thought of before, including cleaning rusty tools, removing a...

    9 Genius Ways to Get Rid of Dust in Your Home You Never Thought Of

    The never-ending battle against dust just got easier. Find out how to get rid of dust once and for all!

    10 Cleaning Products That Are Safe for Your Pets

    Pet owners: Do you know what cleaning ingredients to avoid? We rounded up top-rated pet safe cleaning products, plus some...

    How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing on the Carpet

    Take these important steps if you have this issue at home.

    How to Clean Your Bathtub

    Follow these steps to keep your tub sparkling.

    The Best Way to Clean Bathroom Tile

    Make your tile and grout shine again. Here's how.

    How to Clean a Shower in 6 Steps

    Incorporate these steps into your regular cleaning routine.

    How to Clean a Toilet in 5 Steps

    Kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses weekly with this cleaning method.

    Best Bathroom Over the Toilet Storage Options of 2021

    Get extra storage with an affordable over the toilet organizer.

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    5 Tips for Cleaning Up After a Flood

    Cleaning up after a flood sweeps through your home is a massive task. Stay safe and remember these tips if...

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    8 Pet Safe Floor Cleaners and DIY Solutions

    Calling all fur parents: Keep them safe from harmful chemicals with these pet safe floor cleaners.

    How to Choose the Best Washing Machine Temperature for Your Clothes

    Switch most loads to this expert-recommended washing machine water temperature, and you could save up to $150 a year.

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    11 Best Shower Cleaning Products of 2021

    Keeping your shower sparkling clean has never been easier. We asked the experts, and these are the best shower cleaners...

    6 Types of Cat Litter Boxes

    Find the litter box that best matches your pet and your home.

    How To Clean Shower Curtains

    Has it been a while since you cleaned your shower curtain? It might be high time to throw it in...

    The Easiest Way to Wash Bath Mats

    You probably aren't cleaning your bath mats often enough. Here's why you should, and how to do it.

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    If You See Green Residue in Your Sink, This Is What It Means

    What is causing that blue-green stain in the bottom of your sink? Algae? Toothpaste? Nope, the culprit is copper!

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    5 Best Car Steam Cleaners of 2021

    Keep your car looking and smelling like new with one of these top-rated car steam cleaners.

    5 Best Laptop Cleaning Kits of 2021

    You may not have thought of cleaning your laptop — but you'll be glad you did. See which laptop cleaning...

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    How and When To Use Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

    Microfiber cleaning cloths are a common household product, but are you using them the right way? Here’s what experts have...

    How to Pressure Wash Your Car

    Here's how to pressure wash your car without damaging it.

    If Your Hummingbird Feeder Looks Cloudy, This Is What It Means

    Follow these tips for maintaining seed and suet feeders to keep your backyard birds healthy in every season. Here's how...

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    How To Get Cat Urine and Its Smell Out of Clothes

    You love your cat, but don't love cat pee or its smell. Find out how to get cat pee out...