Whether you have a car, motorcycle or truck, keep your vehicle running smooth and looking good with these helpful auto repair and paint job tips, projects and products.

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    What Is Ideal Tire Pressure in Cold Weather?

    Learn how colder temps affect your tires and how to maintain ideal tire pressure during the chillier seasons.

    How to Jump Start a Car Using Jumper Cables Safely

    Dead or weak battery? You probably need a jump start. Follow these easy steps to learn how to jump start...

    Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Warm Up Your Car In The Winter

    The age-old wisdom of warming up your car in winter before you drive away could be doing more damage than...

    Car Won’t Start – Troubleshooting & How to Fix

    Car won't start? It may just need a good smack.

    7 Best Tire Chains for Winter Driving

    Planning to do some serious winter driving? Snow chains can make a big difference! Here are the best snow chains...

    Why Won’t My Battery Jump?

    Your car is dead. You try to jump-start the battery, but nothing happens. Is it the battery or something else...

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    The Sneaky Way Thieves Target Your Car Key Fob

    Keyless ignition systems have become so convenient, but they're also attracting hackers. Here's how to protect yours.

    Road Conditions Might Be Worse Than Normal This Winter. Here’s Why.

    A shortage of snowplow drivers might make winter travel a bit more complicated this year.

    This Clever Hack Will Keep Your Car Windows from Fogging Up

    With the help of three ordinary materials, you won't have to worry about this annoyance anymore.

    3 Reasons For The Global Computer Chip Shortage

    The current computer chip shortage is complicating manufacturing at a global level. Here's how we got here.

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    Family Handyman Approved: Sea Foam Motor Treatment

    Keep your engines running smoothly.

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    Moonroof vs. Sunroof: What’s the Difference?

    In the moonroof vs. sunroof debate, both allow plenty of light and fresh air into your vehicle. That's where the...

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    What Are Run-Flat Tires and Are They Right For You?

    Run-flat tires have been around for decades, but that doesn't mean everyone knows what they are. We're here to get...

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    When Should You Downshift Automatic Transmissions?

    Drivers rarely manually shift an automatic transmission, but knowing when to downshift in certain situations can be helpful.

    What Is the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol on Tires?

    Driving through snow and ice this winter? You'll be safer if your tires display this small (but important) symbol.

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    These 10 Cars Are Actually Worth More Used Than New

    One post-pandemic surprise has been the spike in used car prices. In recent months, some used cars are even selling...

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    Are Snow Tires Really Better Than All-Season Tires?

    Snow tires outperform all-season tires under snowy and icy conditions. They'll give you better traction, more stability in turns and...

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    How To Tint Car Windows

    Window tinting keeps your car cooler, protects interior surfaces and offers privacy. Save money by learning how to tint car...

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    Always Score Your License Plate Sticker with a Razor — Here’s Why

    This trick could prevent thieves from taking your tags.

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    Car Window Tinting: What To Know Before You Buy

    Window tinting helps keep your car cool and protects interior surfaces. We'll help you decide if window tinting is right...

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    Tips for Getting Water Stains Out of Car Seats

    Simple tips, straight from the pros, for how to get water stains out of car seats and other car upholstery.

    How to Pressure Wash Your Car

    Here's how to pressure wash your car without damaging it.

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    Roof Racks: What To Know Before You Buy

    If you have more hobbies than space inside your vehicle, you may need to invest in a roof rack.

    Purdue University Developing Roadway That Charges Electric Vehicles

    This new tech could change roads and increase electric vehicle viability in the United States.

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    Tips for Saving Money on Vehicle Tires

    Buying tires is no one's favorite reason to spend money. Investing a little time to find saving opportunities can save...

    8 Best Pressure Washer Attachments

    Want to enhance your pressure washer game? These eight pressure washer attachments turn a great tool into a can't-live-without-it workhorse.

    10 Things To Look for When Buying a Used Boat

    A used boat can save you thousands, compared to the cost of a new boat. But, as with a used...

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    10 Best Rooftop and Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carriers of 2021

    Adventure requires gear, and gear requires storage. Check out these cargo carriers and decide which will work best for your...

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    These Tricks Will Save You When Your Key Fob Dies

    Don't panic if your key fob dies and you don't have a replacement battery. These little-known methods will get you...

    What Is Wind Buffeting and How to Stop It

    You know that helicopter sound that happens when you’re on the freeway with a window down? It’s called wind buffeting...