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Become a more well-rounded professional with these insights into life as a pro in the trades.

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      Plumber Discovers Megachurch Cash Stash

      You can find some crazy things once you start opening up walls.

      What Does It Mean To Buy a House ‘As Is’?

      If you're home shopping in a sellers' market, you might be tempted to buy a house as is. Here's what...

      GIE+EXPO Changes Name After Fourteen Years

      Big changes are coming to one of the country's most popular trade shows.

      How to Fix a Toilet Handle

      If jiggling the handle doesn't solve the problem, one of these simple fixes probably will.

      What Is a Whirlpool Tub?

      Everything you need to know before buying a whirlpool tub.

      Registration Now Open for the 2022 International Builders’ Show

      The popular industry event is back in person in 2022.

      The Home Depot Partners With Buildertrend to Serve Pro Contractor Customers

      The Home Depot teams up with one of the world's leading construction management programs.

      Ace Hardware on Pace to Open 170 New Stores in 2021

      Ace still plans to open another 60 locations by the end of the year.

      White House Unveils Plan to Increase Affordable Housing

      The U.S. needs more affordable housing. Here's how the current administration plans to get the country where it needs to...

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      How to Install Metal Roofing

      Learn how to get roofing layers right with these metal roofing tips.

      If You See a Blue Porch Ceiling, This Is What It Means

      There's a long history behind this tradition.

      8 Types of Air Conditioners

      Looking to buy an air conditioner? Here's a roundup of eight air conditioner types, along with how to assess which...

      Lumber Prices Are Down, So Why Are Homes Still Less Affordable?

      Lumber prices have dropped, but homes are still prohibitively expensive. Here's why.

      How to Repair a Garden Hose

      Fix leaky garden hoses quickly and cheaply.

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      The Home Depot to Sell Tools That Only Work if Activated

      The home improvement super store is launching a plan to sell power tools that will only work once activated at...

      If You See White Stuff on Your Mulch, This is What it Means

      Don't let the icky appearance deceive you—that white stuff on mulch can be beneficial to your landscape.

      4 Best Hedge Trimmer Attachments

      Your hedge trimmer can do so much more. These attachments will add new functionality to this already useful tool.

      5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known as a Rookie Landscaper

      We talked to a landscaping veteran to find out the five main things he wishes he would have known on...

      More US Homeowners Choosing Home Improvement Over Moving

      Looking to make some major changes in your home? According to a recent survey, you're not alone.

      Did You Know You Can Return Building Materials?

      Clear up some clutter in your workshop and make a little money by returning those unused building materials.

      White House Holds Summit On Housing Industry Supply Chain Issues

      As supply chain constraints continue to limit home building, industry leaders met with government officials to plan a course of...

      50 Super Dangerous Signs That Could Kill a Home Buy

      You might miss some of these signs when viewing a home

      Here’s When to Know If It’s Time to Hire a Professional Painter

      It’s the age-old tale: Do it yourself, or hire a professional?

      12 Things You Should Always Ask a Contractor Before Building a House

      The idea of building a new home is exciting. However, if you don't ask your contractor the right questions prior...

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      50 Abandoned Houses That Would Look Great Restored

      If you think these abandoned houses look cool now, just imagine them restored!

      Home Inspection Myths You Need to Stop Believing

      Make sure you understand the nature of home inspections

      Construction Employment Numbers Continue to Slide in June

      The construction industry is having a hard time generating consistent job growth. How long will these labor woes last?

      How Smart Are Your Remodeling Clients?

      Has the overflowing pool of remodeling shows and websites made your clients more demanding or more educated?

      5 Highest-Paying States for Masonry Contractors

      Take a look at the five states with the highest average professional masonry contractor salaries across the U.S.

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      Lumber Prices See Largest Monthly Price Drop in History

      After skyrocketing all spring, lumber prices fell back to Earth in June. Here's a look at what's happening and when...