Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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    Affordable Garden Path Ideas

    Beautiful (and affordable) DIY garden paths that you can build in a weekend, without breaking the bank or your back, to spruce up your yard. Here are our favorite walkway ideas for your landscape.

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    What To Know About Loam Soil for Your Garden

    Gardeners love loam soil because it's moist, soft and full of nutrients. Here's how to get more of it in...

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    What Is Composted Manure and How Can It Benefit Gardening?

    No jokes here, just straight info on how composted manure enhances your garden's health.

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    The Importance Of Sulfur In Your Garden

    In your garden soil, sulfur is as important to your plants' vitality as phosphorus. Here's what you need to know...

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    7 Best Indoor Gardening Kits and Systems for 2022

    Indoor gardening is growing in popularity. When you're ready to give it a try, here are some top indoor garden...

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    What’s In the Best Garden Soil?

    Four key factors make up the healthiest garden soil composition. All are essential for thriving, lush gardens.

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    Homeowner’s Guide To Living Walls

    Tantalizing or time-consuming: Is a living wall right for your home?

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    12 Best Spring Blooming Plants for Northern Gardeners

    Winter is the best time to plan next year's garden. These 12 spring blooming, hardy perennials and shrubs can survive...

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    How To Improve Garden Soil in Winter

    Use these tips to improve your garden soil in winter to make sure it's ready to go (and grow!) in...

    Should You Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden?

    Should you save your coffee grounds and add them to your garden soil? Learn how the garden expert says gardeners...

    9 Winter Window Box Ideas

    Boost curb appeal this season with these winter window box ideas including festive greenery, hardy flowers and bright holiday accents.

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    Should You Use Gypsum for Soil?

    If you have hard clay or noticeably salty soil, gypsum can make healthy growth much easier for your garden plants....

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    What Is Humus and How Is It Formed?

    Think you know humus? You may be surprised what we traditionally call "humus" is actually something different.

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    How Are Grow Lights Different From Regular Light Bulbs?

    You don't need a green thumb to keep the thyme and aloe alive all winter. What you need is a...

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    How To Use Grow Lights To Grow Healthy Plants Indoors

    From choosing the right bulb to knowing how long to leave it on, here's how to keep you houseplants happy...

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    What To Know About Soil Amendments

    From our first-hand experience, learn how soil amendments work and which ones are right (and wrong) for your yard and...

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    What To Know About Sandy Soil for Your Garden

    Worried that you won't be able to grow a bountiful garden in sandy soil? Follow these tips to see how...

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    How To Save Seeds from the Garden

    Collect and store your own flower and vegetable seeds to plant next season. Seed-collecting costs nothing and yields enough to...

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    When Should You Stop Watering Your Plants in the Fall?

    Roots keep growing long after you've hung up your trowel. See how far into fall you should water to keep...

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    8 Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

    Winter's waning sunlight doesn't mean your plants have to die or go dormant. Replace the lost sunshine with these top...

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    7 Perennials You Should Divide in the Fall

    Get more plants for less by dividing perennials at the right time.

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    Should You Mulch in the Winter?

    See if winter mulching is right for your garden.

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    8 Best Plant Covers for Winter

    Plant covers protect your garden from early or late frosts, extending the growing season as long as possible.

    When to Cut Back Ornamental Grasses

    Learn when ornamental grasses need to be cut back and how to divide them, along with growing tips to keep...

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    How To Prepare Your Garden for the Winter

    Let's talk about late-season tasks to wrap up the gardening season and set you on the right path for a...

    11 Pictures That Will Change How You See Bugs

    Never think of bugs as creepy or crawly again! These pictures of bugs show how amazing (and beautiful) these creatures...

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    What To Know About Pine Needle Mulch

    This sustainable mulch is great for rustic, natural landscape design.