Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, Family Handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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      What To Know About Loam Soil for Your Garden

      Gardeners love loam soil because it's moist, soft and full of nutrients. Here's how to get more of it in your garden beds.

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      What Is Composted Manure and How Can It Benefit Gardening?

      No jokes here, just straight info on how composted manure enhances your garden's health.

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      The Importance Of Sulfur In Your Garden

      In your garden soil, sulfur is as important to your plants' vitality as phosphorus. Here's what you need to know...

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      7 Best Indoor Gardening Kits and Systems for 2022

      Indoor gardening is growing in popularity. When you're ready to give it a try, here are some top indoor garden...

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      What’s In the Best Garden Soil?

      Four key factors make up the healthiest garden soil composition. All are essential for thriving, lush gardens.

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      Homeowner’s Guide To Living Walls

      Tantalizing or time-consuming: Is a living wall right for your home?

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      12 Best Spring Blooming Plants for Northern Gardeners

      Winter is the best time to plan next year's garden. These 12 spring blooming, hardy perennials and shrubs can survive...

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      How To Improve Garden Soil in Winter

      Use these tips to improve your garden soil in winter to make sure it's ready to go (and grow!) in...

      The Heated Vest Amazon Reviewers Rave About

      Stay cozy on frigid winter nights with this genius battery-powered heated vest.

      Should You Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden?

      Should you save your coffee grounds and add them to your garden soil? Learn how the garden expert says gardeners...

      9 Winter Window Box Ideas

      Boost curb appeal this season with these winter window box ideas including festive greenery, hardy flowers and bright holiday accents.

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      We Tried It: BioLite FirePit Cooking Kit

      Easy and fun to use as well as portable, the BioLite FirePit Cooking Kit won us over as a fire...

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      Should You Use Gypsum for Soil?

      If you have hard clay or noticeably salty soil, gypsum can make healthy growth much easier for your garden plants....

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      Black Oil Sunflower Seeds vs. Striped

      Black oil sunflower seeds are a staple of bird feeders around the world, but humans mainly snack on striped seeds....

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      What Are Black Oil Sunflower Seeds?

      Here's what you need to know about this popular bird seed, from which birds like to eat it to how...

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      What To Know About Sunflower Seed Feeders

      There are many good sunflower seed feeders out there. Here's how to determine the best ones for your yard.

      7 Best Air Mattresses for 2021

      Preparing for overnight guests or settling into a new home? A quality air mattress can make or break a good...

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      How To Clean and Store Your Outdoor Bar for Winter

      Outdoor bars are fun but not maintenance-free. Here's what you need to do before winter so your outdoor bar is...

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      Do I Need to Seal My Driveway?

      Sealing a driveway helps it last longer and avoid costly replacement. Read on to see if yours should be sealed,...

      Homemade Suet Recipes and Suet Feeding Tips for Birds

      We've got the best suet recipes and tips for feeding suet to backyard birds. Save money and attract more birds...

      9 Gardening Subscription Boxes You’ll Love to Unbox

      Looking for a perfect gift for plant lovers? Gardening subscription boxes deliver seeds, indoor plants, flowers, tools and more to...

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      What Is Humus and How Is It Formed?

      Think you know humus? You may be surprised what we traditionally call "humus" is actually something different.

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      How Are Grow Lights Different From Regular Light Bulbs?

      You don't need a green thumb to keep the thyme and aloe alive all winter. What you need is a...

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      How To Use Grow Lights To Grow Healthy Plants Indoors

      From choosing the right bulb to knowing how long to leave it on, here's how to keep you houseplants happy...

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      11 Winter Lawn Care ​Tips

      Whether you have snow coverage or not, learn how to maintain your lawn this winter based on your location.

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      How Late in the Year Can You Plant Grass Seed?

      There is no better time to sow grass seed than late summer or early fall. But watch the calendar. Seeding...

      This Rechargeable Hand Warmer has 14,000 Amazon Ratings—Here’s Why We Love it

      Kiss chilly hands goodbye with this toasty little gadget that keeps your hands warm all winter long.

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      Tips for Adding Drainage To Your Retaining Wall

      Proper retaining wall drainage can be the difference between a sturdy wall and one that leans. Learn how to prevent...

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      What To Know About Soil Amendments

      From our first-hand experience, learn how soil amendments work and which ones are right (and wrong) for your yard and...

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      When Is the Best Time of Year To Lay Sod?

      Take it from me, seeding a new lawn will almost always yield better results than sodding one. But there is...