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Aarn Tate is an Australian born pack designer who now resides in Christchurch, New Zealand.

There are many elements that make the Aarn body Body pack range unique but the most obvious are the patented features of the most comfortable load carrying system in the world. These patents are Front balance Pockets, Waterproof Dri Liners and U Flow shoulder straps.

The balance pockets have concave horizontal stays that sit inside the front of the hipbelt to situate the front load on your hips, rather than hanging it off your shoulders. Pack one-third to one-half of your total weight in the front and you bring the load forward to align with your centre of gravity; an infinitely more comfortable way of carrying weight!

The balance pockets can be removed and clipped together to form a convenient daypack.

The backpacks use the same horizontal stays, which can be easily removed to custom-shape them to your back. This brings the load closer to the unique shape of your body, making the Aarn design a backsaver, even without the balance pockets.


The shoulder straps and hip belt each use a Flow Motion system, combined differently for small and large packs to achieve the optimum stability for the weight capability of the pack. Twisting of the shoulders relative to your hips is achieved at shoulder level on the daypacks (V Flow, Omni Flow) and at hip level on the larger packs (Multi Flow). This gives you an amazing ability to twist, rock, stretch and bend forward under load – to move your body freely and naturally.  You can dance with a pack on!


Aarn Flow Mo Bodypacks represent the most efficient, comfortable, practical, stable, practical and healthiest way to carry load on the human body. They challenge traditional thinking on pack design.


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